t20 italy

The full recording of the T20 Virtual Inception Conference that inaugurated the 2021 edition of the Think20, the official engagement group of the G20 that brings together leading think tanks and research centers. We talked about it here.

Italy, that this year holds the rotating presidency of the G20, entrusted the organization of the Think20 to two renowned Italian research centers: the Milan-based Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), which was recently included by the University of Pennsylvania in the list of the best think tank worldwide, and the Institute for International Affairs (IAI), founded in Rome in 1965 by Altiero Spinelli. The two institutes will be joined by Bocconi University as chairs of the T20 Summit scheduled for October.

The T20 aims to represent a forum for dialogue between political leaders and the research community. The group will be the “ideas bank” of the G20, providing analysis and policy recommendations to political leaders.