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An exclusive piano concert dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini: this is how the Italian Embassy in Tehran decided to open the celebrations for the centennial of the birth of the great Italian writer, poet, and film director. 

The acoustic piano performance, entitled “100 lettere d’amore (100 love letters)” was composed by Giovanni Guidi specifically for the occasion to commemorate the renowned Italian intellectual and the extraordinary mark he left in Italian culture and society. 

Pasolini in Iran
Pasolini in Iran

Pasolini was always appreciated and loved in Iran, the country he chose as a location for two of his films, including his famous 1974 movie Arabian Nights (“The flower of a thousand and one nights” in Italian). The concert, therefore, celebrated the bond the Italian poet had with Iran. 

Giovanni Guidi’s presence in Tehran and his exclusive concert dedicated to Pasolini clearly show how solid the historical relations between Italy and Iran are. The Italian Embassy in Teheran is working hard to deepen cultural relations between our two countries” said the Italian Ambassador to Iran, Giuseppe Perrone.