Valeria Postorino Suppan, now in her thirties, is the Italian engineer founder and CEO of Squadroo – an online platform for the construction industry – classified in the “Forbes Under 30” 2020 list.  

Squadroo is currently operative in the US market and, thanks to its professionals, it provides a project management software where communication, timing and progress related to the project are available just a click away.

The long-term goal for Squadroo is to increasingly automate the construction process of structures of all sizes and uses. Our vision is to create a more efficient future for the construction world, minimizing frictions in communications and exploring new technologies” Valeria explained to Forbes Italia.

Born in Reggio Calabria and raised in the family business Postorino & Associates Engineering, Valeria earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in structural engineering cum laude at Politecnico di Milano.

squadroo architect for hire us 1
Draft of a Squadroo project

As soon as she entered the world of work, the young engineer collaborated with the most important architecture and engineering firms – as Werner Sobek, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Fernando Romero, Rafael Vinoly – and contributed to the design of important structures worldwide such as the George Lucas Museum, the Brenner Gallery and the Expo Milano bridges for a portfolio of seven billion euros in construction costs.

My background has certainly helped me to work in the engineering world. But the awareness that this world was plagued by systematic inefficiencies, combined with my desire for independence, always made me think that there would be a further step in my career. I wanted my solutions to impact society. In what area, however, it was still unclear” she told Forbes.

Valeria Postorino Suppan, founder and CEO of the Squadroo platform

The turning point for her career comes when she moved to Miami, where, after experiencing delays and blocks even on small-scale projects, Valeria lays the foundations for the all-in-one platform. Squadroo indeed was born with the aim to be useful to society, accompanying the customer throughout the renovation or construction project.

The young engineer, with her goal of digitizing construction sites, represents a great example not only for the world of female entrepreneurship, but also for that of the new generations.

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