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Sold out at the Opera Theater of Tunis for Verdi’s “La Traviata”, which will be staged today, June 21st, for World Music Day.

The show includes Italian and Tunisian artists. The project, which focuses on the artistic and professional training of young musicians, included a workshop on opera for Tunisian musicians in Genoa and a masterclass held by Maestro Lorenzo Tazzieri in Tunis.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Opera Theater of Tunis and the Italian Association of United Cultures (AICU) of Genoa, as part of an agreement between the Italian Cultural Institute of Tunis and the Teatro dell ‘Opera.

The conductor, Lorenzo Tazzieri, the director, Andrea Elena and the singers are all from Italy, and they will perform with the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra, assisted by the Tunis Opera Choir.

Verdi's La Traviata
Verdi’s La Traviata

The Italian Cultural Institute of Tunis organizes various initiatives each year with the local Opera House, promoting Italian dance, theater, and bel canto in a country, Tunisia, where Italian culture is greatly appreciated.

World Music Day (also known as Fête de la Musique) is a musical event held on June 21 every year in more than 120 countries around the world, to celebrate the summer solstice.

World Music Day was launched in 1982 by the French Ministry of Culture, which decided to promote a festival dedicated to music in all its forms. Amateur and professional musicians were encouraged to perform in the streets, under the slogan “Faites de la musique” (“Make music”).

Since 1985, European Year of Music, the festival has become an international phenomenon, celebrated on the same day in more than 700 cities across the world. Each year, France hosts more than 18.000 musical events, with about 5 million musicians, attracting more than 10 million spectators.

World Music Day
World Music Day

Since 2016, thanks to the work of the Italian Ministry of Culture and AIPFM (Italian Association for the Promotion of the Music Festival), several cities have joined the Festival, creating a network distributed throughout the national territory. Many live music concerts are held every year, on June 21, in all cities, mainly in the open air, with the participation of musicians of all levels and all kinds.

The Italian contribution also includes events abroad, organized by the Italian Cultural Institutes.