In Tunisia, the fight against Covid-19 continues thanks to the aid that arrived today from Naples with the second ship loaded with humanitarian goods donated by the Italian Cooperation. The first came last July 16 with fans, masks, gloves, gowns and sanitizing gel. Present at the port of Rades, in Tunis, to welcome the ship, the Ambassador of Italy to Tunisia, Lorenzo Fanara, with the Minister of Health, the National Security Advisor of the Presidency of the Republic and the Director General of the Foreign Ministry Tunisian.

The situation in Tunisia is getting worse and worse. Public hospitals are in extreme difficulty due to the high number of hospitalized patients and the lack of oxygen and blood. The National Transfusion Center has also launched an appeal to donate blood to citizens. If the country had managed to soften the blow of the previous waves, this time it was brutally overwhelmed by the virus. All Tunisian indicators are in red, as shown by the data reported by the independent website Inkyfada: the country has the highest mortality rate on the African continent.

Ibn Jarrah Hospital, Tunis Province, June 22, 2021

To try to avoid a human tragedy, the international community has mobilized with substantial aid. France and China sent the missing doses of vaccine, while the neighbors in the Maghreb provided oxygen and respirators, as did Turkey and Saudi Arabia. From Switzerland, on the other hand, about fifteen respirators, made available free of charge by the Army Pharmacy, and about sixty oxygen concentrators arrived.

Swiss cargo with respirators and oxygen arrived in Tunisia

As for the Italian cargo – five containers in total -, other ships will arrive in the coming days with the remaining medical material made available by Italy. “In response to the dramatic developments in the health crisis in Tunisia, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Italian Cooperation, on the instructions of the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Marina Sereni, has ordered the dispatch to the port of Tunis of more than 25 tons of medical supplies to fight against COVID-19. […] With this operation, Italy intends to reaffirm its friendship and solidarity with the Tunisian people” the Foreign Ministry explained in a note.