On the occasion of the fifth Italian Cuisine Week (until 29 November), the Embassy of Italy in Tunis, the Italian Cultural Institute of Tunis and the ICE of Tunis have prepared an extensive program on the theme ‘Knowledge and Flavors of the Italian lands, 200 years after the birth of Pellegrino Artusi ‘.

italian cuisine week

Artusi’s manual ‘Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well’ still represents a milestone for Italian gastronomic culture, capable of gathering and uniting Italian regional traditions.

This was announced by the Embassy of Italy in Tunis in a note underlining that “precisely to enhance the regional gastronomic culture, this year’s schedule presents, among the numerous activities, video-meetings of literature and regional cuisine and a short course in a nutshell, ‘Cooking pills’, with five video-recipes of regional dishes prepared by starred chefs for the benefit of Tunisian hotel institutes and lovers of Italian living “.

lorenzo fanara
Lorenzo Fanara, Ambasciatore d’Italia in Tunisia

All the activities offered on the occasion of the Italian Cuisine Week are accessible free of charge through the social pages of the Embassy, the Institute of Culture and the Ice. “Despite the difficulties of the year 2020, we did not want to give up the Week of Italian Cuisine, despite in virtual mode, because for us cooking is a form of art, as Pellegrino Artusi loved to say. And to share our knowledge and our flavors , the Italian System has prepared a series of activities, including activities with training purposes, to share our experience “, said the Italian ambassador to Tunisia, Lorenzo Fanara.

The fifth Italian Cuisine Week was celebrated by italian Embassies all over the world. Here you can find an interview with Italian Ambassador to the UK, Raffaele Trombetta, on the initiative.