Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended on Sunday 8 August with the closing ceremony and the handover to Paris 2024. From Tokyo 2020 the photograph of Italy today comes out: a beautiful, strong and multi-ethnic Italy, which has succeeded to bring home sensational results with 40 medals and the absolute record of 10 gold, 2 more than in Beijing, London and Rio.

Tokyo 2020
Italian Medals in Tokyo 2020

Italy had never won at least one medal in each of the 16 days of the Olympics and never reached the podium in 19 different disciplines – there were 17 in Athens 2004. Without a doubt, the 5 gold medals in athletics represent an inestimable value, in addition to the 20 bonzes – a number never reached before – and 14 fourth places. Tokyo 2020 also gave a great message of hope and integration: for the first time, athletes born on all five continents were brought.

malago coni afp 2211
Giovanni Malagò, President of Coni

We have made a country happy. The responsibility was great, but undoubtedly this team that manages the Olympic Committee is very competent, a very rare thing in our world”, explained the President of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, in the closing press conference of the Games. at Casa Italia. “Our proposal is to anticipate the bureaucratic process for the sport ius soli, which today is hellish, a Dante’s circle.” There are dozens of files lying on the tables. If you wait for the moment to practice you have lost a person. […] “Continued the President.

TAMBERI CHI E 690x362 1
Gianmarco Tamberi rejoices for his gold in the men’s high jump

Italian athletes with clear foreign origins are the sprinter Jacobs, who was born in the United States of an Italian mother and an American father and grew up in our country, and the volleyball player Paola Egonu, who was born in Italy to two foreign parents and obtained the citizenship at the end of compulsory schooling. Volleyball player Ivan Zaytsev, born in Italy of Russian parents, also obtained Italian citizenship after having spent ten years residing in our country.

olimpiadi italia abbraccio afp
Hug between athletes Marcell Jacobs and Fausto Desalu after winning gold in the 4x100m

Other sportsmen with foreign origins are those who were adopted by Italian parents and then acquired the citizenship of our country. This includes, for example, the 400-year-old Vladimir Aceti, born in Russia and adopted at the age of 5, and the runner Yenameberhan Crippa, born in Ethiopia and adopted by a Milanese couple. Weight-thrower Zane Weir, on the other hand, was born and raised in South Africa to foreign parents, but in February 2021 he was eligible to represent Italy internationally thanks to the origins of his maternal grandfather from Trieste. Finally, there are those who have Italian nationality for marital reasons: the canoeist Kiri Tontodonati, for example, is Australian, but she has an Italian surname and citizenship because she married an Italian.