The multifunctional complex called Tianmuli in Hanghzou was recently inaugurated. The complex, according to a press release from the Farnesina, Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry, was entirely designed by architect Renzo Piano, who also supervised the direction of the works.

The multifunctional district is made up of 17 buildings, for a total of 230,000 m2 of covered area. Most of the buildings are arranged along the perimeter of the site and enclose a protected green space in the center, the “City Lobby”: an open square to facilitate meetings and outdoor activities.

Renzo Piano

The buildings surrounding the square use pedestrian walkways to intersect each other, while the atria of each building face the interior of the public square. The Tianmuli district includes an art gallery, various event spaces, shops and offices of various brands, a large bookshop, a supermarket, a hotel, restaurants and bars. The facades facing the “City Lobby” are made up of a combination of glass, aluminum panels, architectural concrete and vertical greenery.

tianmuli hanghzou

In addition, several small modular pavilions will be used as greenhouses, exhibition halls or retail shops. The construction of the Tianmuli complex was also attended by Dottor Group, an Italian company of excellence that has created an “architectural concrete” of the highest quality.