The Walk_Il Cammino is the largest traveling festival ever made for refugee children. It will last four months and will be represented by a three-and-a-half-meter high puppet: Little Amal, a 9-year-old refugee girl, that will travel from the border between Syria and Turkey to arrive as a last stop in the UK in search of her mother.

Amal in Arabic means Hope and this is what the Festival wants to convey to all 34 million refugee and displaced children, many of whom are separated from their families, to ensure that the world does not forget them. The Little Amal – created by the Handspring Puppet Company and made of molded cane and carbon fiber – will be accompanied by ten puppeteers, two of whom have backgrounds as refugees and, in turn, have made the journey from Syria to the United Kingdom.

The Walk
Little Amal with a group of refugee children

Nothing more than art manages to dematerialize boundaries and arouse empathy. Little Amal is a 9-year-old girl, she is motherless and on the run from a war. And her vital charge is invaluable. Little Amal represents millions of refugee children of the world: how can we not welcome all the Amals of the world with open arms? ” Italian producers of The Walk Roberto Roberto and Ludovica Tinghi said.

Light installation in Gaziantep led by artist Ali M. Demirel which will be followed by a joyful musical performance by Nefes for Art and Culture

The Way will begin on September 27th from Gaziantep with a light installation and, once it reaches Greece, in Athens the Little Amal, for fear of losing her way, will tie a red thread to a lamp post which, unwinding, will mark her path through the city, until she will meet a Minotaur puppet and will have to decide whether to face her fear and make friends with the beast. From 7 to 19 September the young Syrian will be welcomed in Italy with large cultural events, public performances and community events in 12 cities and small towns, all with free admission. The public will also be able to follow the entire journey of Little Amal through social channels.

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Piccola Amal will be welcomed in Spoleto by La MaMa Umbria International cultural center which, with an enchanting choir and a flock of birds, will accompany her to Assisi, the next stage of her epic journey

Famous artists, important cultural institutions, community groups and humanitarian organizations, as well as municipalities, civic and religious organizations and educational networks will participate in the journey of the Little Amal. The Walk programs will connect and create links between young refugees and the communities that welcome them. Schools can participate in Il Cammino by downloading the proposed activities and training, focused on Amal’s journey, an in-depth program of activities for schools and children, created in six languages and illustrated by the Syrian artist Diala Brisly, with a dedicated section to teachers.