One of the five aircraft of the Qatar Air Force, with medical supplies for Italy, landed on 8 April in Pratica di Mare. Another one landed in Veneto. Both Boeings returned to base to stock up on more material and return to Italy again. A fifth plane arrived on Friday 10 April.

The news was given on social media by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who, as usual, personally welcomed the Qatari flight. The medical devices donated by Qatar to Italy will be used for the construction of two 5,200 square meter field hospitals, which will have the capacity to accommodate 500 patients.

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“This material is important for phase 2 of the government that we have been talking about this morning, which will allow us to build hospitals dedicated to Covid in the regions or in any case that will allow us to free up Covid hospitals” said Di Maio, underlining the great work so far. carried out by the Ministry of Health, the Technical Scientific Committee and all civil protection officials.

As the Foreign Minister explains, the Foreign Ministry is in constant contact with “friendly countries” to ask for material that can help Italy in phase 2 – in fact, only two days earlier, aid arrived from the Arab Emirates. The donated hospitals, together with the doctors who have arrived in recent weeks from different countries and the 50 million masks donated – and purchased – so far, will be fundamental.

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But the Farnesina is not engaged only on the front of the health crisis. Di Maio makes it known that to tackle the economic crisis, from next week, the working tables will start to relaunch Made in Italy, adapting it to the new world marked by the Coronavirus. The new export system would include more e-commerce, greater digitization and ‘virtual fairs’ open 365 days a year.

Great work, therefore, by the Italian diplomatic network and great solidarity by some foreign governments, governments that will certainly not be forgotten by Italy for the support shown.