Sustainability, innovation, and geopolitics: these are the 3 keywords of the 14th edition of Ports&Shipping Tech, the main conference of the Naples Shipping Week 2022, which will take place from September 26 to October 1.

Last year's edition of the Naples Shipping Week
Last year’s edition of the Naples Shipping Week

The fifth edition of Naples Shipping Week is organized by ClickutilityTeam and the Propeller Club Port of Naples. The annual event allows Blue Economy players to discuss the new challenges and opportunities of the sector.

The program of Ports&Shipping Tech 2022 includes two days of conferences and meetings, and it will take place scheduled from September 26 to September 30 at the Stazione Marittima Convention Center in Naples.

The main topics covered will include issues such as decarbonization and energy efficiency; innovation and digitization of ships and ports; marine resources; the geopolitical and geoeconomic situation in the wider Mediterranean; the challenges facing the shipping sector; and blue jobs.

Naples Shipping Week 2022

The Naples Shipping Week 2022 program includes several conferences and panel discussions. The first day will open with the “In the Med (and the world)” conference, which will address the current geopolitical and geoeconomic scenario in the Mediterranean and Italy’s critical role within it.

The first day will continue with the Presentation of the 9th Annual Report “Italian Maritime Economy” by SRM (an Intesa Sanpaolo Group company), which analyzes the performance of the logistics-maritime system in Italy and the global socio-political and economic phenomena that have most impacted the sector in 2021.

Another event is “Next Generation Shipping,” the Naples Shipping Week 2022 conference dedicated to innovation.

Naples Shipping Week 2022 italian navy

The meeting will address issues such as shipboard and navigational automation (for both containerships and cruise ships), security systems against criminal threats, cyber and otherwise, and piracy threats near choke-points or transit areas.

The Naples Shipping Week 2022 will also host a discussion on the systemic challenges for the shipping sector, from financing to regulations, as well as the “Green ports and shipping summit” on decarbonization, electrification, self-production, and efficiency of the logistics and shipping system.