The course promoted by the Italian Embassy in Yangon
The course promoted by the Italian Embassy in Myanmar

In order to promote a more widespread knowledge of Italian language and culture in Myanmar, the project “Speak Italian” (Parla Italiano) was launched in Yangon.

The initiative consists in the organization of Italian courses – which the Italian Embassy in Yangon has chosen to entrust to the  Dante Alighieri Committee of Hong Kong – in a completely virtual way.

The course was created for students living in Myanmar interested in learning the basics of the Italian language.

Parla Italiano

Through this learning experience participants will have the opportunity to get in touch, starting from the study of the alphabet, with the culture and language of Italy.

On April 22, the Italian Embassy in Yangon shared on its social media page the video promoting the initiative that shows young students of Italian as they pronounce the letters of the alphabet while associating them with objects related to Italian culture and to the world’s collective imagination of what is Italian.

In the first episode of “Italian in pills”, students introduce the letters of the alphabet referring to some Italian cult items or iconic monuments.

Italian courses

The project will continue in the coming days and weeks, featuring the publication of other language-related notions, as well as in-depth studies dedicated to cultural heritage, culinary traditions and Italian literature.

With the aim of supporting education – also considering the particularly difficult period – the Committee Dante Alighieri of Hong Kong together with the Embassy of Italy in Yangon have decided to propose the program of the courses completely free of charge.