mediterranean wine art fest napoli
Mediterranean Wine Art Fest

The Mediterranean Wine Art Fest returns to Naples.

The Festival offers a review of cultural-economic exchanges in the Mediterranean. It is organized by the Museum of Art and Wine and will take place on September 15-17 at the Complesso di San Domenico Maggiore in Naples.

The festival was created on the initiative of personalities from the cultural, economic, social, and institutional spheres. Its focus is food and wine and experiential tourism in countries bordering the Mediterranean. 

Agribusiness, agritech, food and wine, experiential tourism, medicine, health, innovation, and circular economy are some of the topics that will be talked about during the Festival. The event aims at promoting a new perspective for a new economic-cultural humanism, in which conviviality represents a flywheel for the sustainable development of civilization in the Mediterranean Sea. 

wine festnapoli

The event promotes gastronomic products by shedding light on their historical, cultural, and landscape ties with the territory. We also want to convey a message of peace by encouraging economic exchanges in the agribusiness sector,” explained Eugenio Gervasio, president of MAVV – Wine Art Museum and creator of the Mediterranean Wine Art Fest.

The initiative has received, among others, the High Patronage of the Assembly of Mediterranean Parliamentarians – PAM, the patronage of the European Commission, the Campania Region, the City of Naples, the Italian Trade Agency, and the Italian Tourism Promotion Agency.

Eugenio Gervasio
Eugenio Gervasio

Tastings, art exhibitions and performances, video projections, award ceremonies, workshops, and musical events will be held during the Mediterranean Wine Art Fest. The Wine&Music program, in particular, is part of the “City of Music” project launched by the City of Naples.

Events will also include the presentation of the In Vino Veritas by MAVV awards, now in their fourth year; the Wine Art Contest and GreenPrix 2022 will also be launched. A celebratory event of particular importance at this historic moment will be the toast for peace in the Mediterranean Sea and around the world.