By Alessia Podeschi

Macfrut, the Fruits and Vegetables International Fair, took place in presence at the Rimini Expo Center from the 7th to the 9th of September. The 38th edition counted 32.600 participants, a number that bodes well for the recovery of the agri-food sector. Macfrut – togheter with Fieravicola   an international poultry exhibition – represented the first in-presence event related to the agri-food sector in Italy.

As the president of Macfrut, Renzo Pieraccini, said: “This is a clear sign that we are at a turning point. The wide participation of the agri-food sector underlined the importance of this exhibition, which was both a great showcase for the Italian fruits and vegetables sector, but also an opportunity to get back to normal relations between people. The enthusiasm shown during these three days was good, especially thanks to the great participation that was above all expectations”.

The three-days exhibition hosted more than 40 events focused on sector innovation. The events were accompanied by the celebration of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, inaugurated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Macfrut also included the 4th edition of International Asparagus Days, realized with Cristian Befve, one of the leading experts of the supply chain. A wide area of the fair was dedicated to Macfrut Field Solution – organized by Luciano Trentini, coordinator of the dynamic areas of the fair, and Cermac Consortium – with more than 1.000 meters destinated to innovation and active defense.

fruit year

Acquacampus was a dynamic area dedicated to water, realized in collaboration with Canale Emiliano Romagnolo (CER) and Associazione Bonifiche Italiane (Anbi), which hosted some technological innovations applied to the field of irrigation. Biosolutions International Event, in partnership with Agri 2000 focus, gave space to biostimulants and biocontrol systems.

Two of this edition’s new developments were Italian Berry Day, dedicated to the universe of berries and promoted by Ncx Drahorad and, and F&V Retail for the Future, an initiative that addressed the future of fruits and vegetables in large-scale distribution, organized in collaboration with Agroter.

Another signal of recovery was the great participation of foreign exhibitors, almost 20% of the total. Among the novelties, this edition saw the participation of Central America, in particular Cuba and Panama, as well as delegations from the Dominican Republic, Chile, and Colombia and the International Latin-Italian American Organization (IILA). The Caucasus’s delegation expanded including Georgia. Lebanon, Indonesia, and Vietnam were at their first presence too. Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and a delegation from Zimbabwe were the new arrivals at the African Pavilion.

Renzo Pieraccini, President of Macfrut
Renzo Pieraccini, President of Macfrut

Beyond numbers, Piraccini underlined that “it was the quality of workers and visitors, and the high quality of the contents – a distinctive and specific feature of Macfrut – that made the difference. Macrut was the result of great teamwork by exhibitors, Cesena Fair’s team, and all the partners – experts of the field – with whom the key points of future perspectives were discussed: Agri2000 for bio simulants, Anvi, Cer for Acquacampus, Ncx for Italian Berry, Agroter for retail, and Luciano Trentini and Cermac for the dynamic areas”.

He concluded giving a look to the future: “We are already working for the next Macfrut edition that will take place in May 2022”.