Cultural cooperation between Italy and Libya is enriched by new important initiatives. In a recent article, we wrote about an exhibition that took place last month in Tripoli, celebrating cooperation in the archaeology field between the two countries, which despite the war have continued to work together for the preservation of Libyan archaeological heritage. Now, in conjunction with the “Week of the Italian Language in the World”, the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs of the two countries have launched a new collaboration project: a course for teachers of Italian of Libyan nationality. Sixty Libyan teachers will take part in the course that will be held by Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. 

Libya: the participants to the course for teachers of Italian at Ca' Foscari university of Venice
The participants to the course for teachers of Italian at Ca’ Foscari university of Venice

The initiative – according to a press release – marks a step forward in the training activities included in the Agreement signed in Tripoli in December 2020, aimed at strengthening bilateral relations in light of the 2008 Friendship Treaty

The participants, who will teach Italian language courses in Libyan secondary schools starting from the next school year, were selected with the collaboration of the Italian Embassy in Tripoli. ITA Airways and the Marco Polo airport of Venice contributed to the project.  

The course had already kicked off in September, with a series of online learning modules that will now be reinforced by in-person training and an internship lasting two months. A Joint Committee, made up of representatives of the respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education and the Embassy in Tripoli, was created with the task of drawing up a syllabus for the teaching of the Italian language in secondary schools in the country.  

Italian Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi expressed satisfaction “for a project that will contribute to bilateral relations in the educational and cultural field, through teaching Italian in Libyan schools, thus strengthening our friendship and mutual understanding.”  

Italian Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi on the Italy Libya agreement for the teaching of the italian language
Italian Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi

The Rector of Ca ‘Foscari University, Professor Tiziana Lippiello, underlined the importance of the scientific and social contribution offered by her university to international relations between Italy and Libya. 

The project demonstrates once again the importance that Italy attaches to its relations with Libya, also beyond the economic and institutional sphere. Moreover, the promotion of the Italian language abroad can turn into an important soft power tool. The fact that a more diffuse knowledge of Italian would create fertile ground for Italian companies and investors assumes a particular importance in Libya, especially at a time when economic relations are starting to grow again after the difficult years of the war.