The Azzurri raise the cup in front of the fans after the victory

Italy triumphs at Wembley on the decisive night for the 2020 European Championships. After 53 years, the cup returns to Rome with the Azzurri, who beat the hosts on penalties: despite Shaw’s goal two minutes after the start, Bonucci manages to bring his team into the game with a shot that bodes well for Italy.

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Gianluigi Donnarumma greets the fans after arriving in Rome

Coach Roberto Mancini’s national team proved to be an incredible and united group by playing the best football of this European Championship. The blue goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma – who at 22 has already played 33 games with the national selection – was the undisputed star of the team: Italy did not concede a goal in the group stage, taking only one against Austria. By denying England two penalties and bringing the Azzurri to victory, Donnarumma was elected Best Player of the Tournament of EURO 2020.

Coach Roberto Mancini raises the cup after the victory

The victory of Italy in London erases the bitterness of the final of the ’92 Champions League, which the team Mancini played for at the time, Sampdoria, lost against Barcelona, again at Wembley. “We were good, we conceded the goal immediately, then we dominated the game, the guys were wonderful. It is important for all the people and for all the fans. We are happy with this. I hope they celebrate in Italy. We are happy” Mancini declared almost in tears after winning the European Championship.

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The hug after the victory between Mancini and Vialli

On the streets of Italy, horns and choirs to celebrate the historic milestone: in Naples late-night carousels and fireworks as if it were New Year’s Eve; in Rome Piazza del Popolo was filled with tricolor flags; in Milan Piazza del Duomo was full of fans, tens of thousands of people under the symbol of the city. The party for our national team continued also this morning, when Italy landed in Rome at 6.06 am: a roar given by the dozens of airport operators who gathered under the aircraft when Mancini and Chiellini appeared at the top to the airplane ladders.

After landing at Fiumicino airport, the Champions of Europe arrived at the Parco dei Principi hotel, where a large group of fans was waiting for them. At 5 pm the Azzurri were received by President Mattarella. “We did not win the European Championship because of an extra penalty, but thanks to the friendship that bonded us in this adventure: we cheered Matteo Berrettini, we helped each other and made sacrifices. We felt like brothers of Italy, responding to what our country had called us” said the captain of the national team Giorgio Chiellini, who concluded by dedicating this victory to Davide Astori, former teammate of the national team, who died prematurely 3 years ago.