Water is central to the actions of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency (AICS) and even more so in the coming years.

mare climaticum nostrum water

Emilio Ciarlo, head of institutional relations and communication for the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), explained it during the morning session of the second day of Mare Climaticum Nostrum, the conference on climate change in the Mediterranean hosted in Florence. 

The panel focused on the interrelated water and environmental crises.

We started by supporting the Italian bid to host the World Water Forum, and we are trying to bring our country back to the World Water Council (Wwc). We are approving a multi-year plan for a roadmap in which we will try to bring together Italian actors and present ourselves united at upcoming international events. During the upcoming Festival of Diplomacy in Rome, we are set to launch an Italian dialogue on this crucial issue.

mare climaticum nostrum water

Giulio Boccaletti, a member of the CMCC strategic board, introduced the panel, defining Europe as being at a turning point concerning the environmental crisis, after the drought and weather crises of summer 2022. 

There is a new European frontier, especially in the Mediterranean, defined by water changes on the continent, which has political importance, because it requires a new modernization,” he explained.

WCW President Loïc Fauchon highlighted the need for stable cooperation among all stakeholders, including AICS, to defend the climate in the Mediterranean basin.

Ruhiza Jean Boroto, secretary-general of Fao’s Water Scarcity in Agriculture (Wasag) working group, defined AICS as an important partner in various initiatives and publications. Amel M. Azab, Sdg Climate Facility Project Coordinator of the Arab Water Council, focused on the opportunities presented by wastewater reuse for agriculture.

Mare Climaticum Nostrum water

It’s time for Arab countries and Europe to work together and find solutions on the ground,” said Alessandro Bratti, secretary general of the Po River District Basin Authority. He also stressed the need to continue to take action to combat water scarcity even after emergencies end.

Fethi Lebdi, formerly Fao-Agwa Coordinator; Maria Josè Polo, from the University of Cordoba; Francesco Vincenzi, president of Anbi; Giordano Colarullo, general manager of Utilitalia; Mario Rosario Mazzola, from the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure; and Giovanni Giani, resources management expert – Suez Group also attended the event.