A technical assistance point for public and private entities associated with the Italian Autonomous Workers Confederation (Conf.i.a.l.) is born at the Delta Center in Tunis, with the aim of implementing the development of internationalization strategies between Italy and Tunisia.

“In this particular moment of economic difficulty that is hitting Italian and Tunisian companies hard, we decided to make our resources and experiences available to them” declared the president of the Delta Center, Sandro Fratini, and the territorial secretary of Conf.ial, Pietro Pace, at the event of signing the agreement, in the presence of the Italian ambassador to Tunisia, Lorenzo Fanara.
The Italian Autonomous Confederation of Workers is an autonomous trade union confederation established in 2013, with headquarters in Rome, but structured in sector trade union federations that operate throughout the national, European and international territory.

Sandro Fratini
Sandro Fratini with Pier Ferdinando Casini

Conf.i.a.l. has no profit-making purposes, in particular, as regards the new tunisian headquarters, it is proposed to establish professional training courses for the improvement and technical improvement of workers, to promote solidarity and cooperation, at national and international level, accompany Italian and Tunisian entrepreneurs who intend to start or consolidate an internationalization process through personalized technical assistance services, strengthen a system of formal and informal relationships between institutional and entrepreneurial subjects engaged in the processes of economic and social integration, with the aim of creating favorable context conditions for the development of a series of activities in the productive sectors.

Delta Center headquarters in Tunis

Delta Center is an Italian-Tunisian company with headquarters in Tunis, also present in Mauritania, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, since 2003 it has mainly been involved in providing services to Italian companies. Market studies, project feasibility studies, missions for identifying operational, industrial sites, real estate and agricultural investments, search for strategic technical and commercial partners. Delta Center’s corporate mission is to “accompany Italian companies to the African continent”.

The relative branches in Mazara del Vallo and Tunis will act as an information point for all project activities, and will also provide direct consulting services to businesses.