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New technologies and data protection were the main themes of the webinar on cybersecurity collaboration between Portugal and Italy, which took place on 7 April.

The digital event, entitled “Cybersecurity: Debate between Portugal and Italy on New Technologies and the Challenge of Data Protection,”, was organized by the Italian Embassy in Lisbon in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Portugal, ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and AICEP Portugal Global – Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal.

The webinar held in Lisbon

The seminar, inaugurated by the Italian Ambassador in Lisbon Carlo Formosa, highlighted the importance of developing synergies between the two systems, creating structured collaboration networks and involving public and private actors, so as to make the most of new digital technologies and reduce potential criticalities.

The main implementations that the ICT sector requires – as pointed out by the deputy director of the Italian National Cybersecurity Agency, Nunzia Ciardi, and the coordinator of the National Cybersecurity Center in Portugal Lino Santos – must be pursued in larger sectoral investments, in order to train new professional profiles through the acquisition of know-how.

Italian Ambassador Carlo Formosa
Italian Ambassador Carlo Formosa

In this context, the representatives of the two agencies for cybersecurity emphasized the importance of the development, in all users of digital technologies, of a greater awareness not only of the opportunities offered by the various devices, but also of the risks involved, as well as to promote cooperation at an international level.

The webinar focused on three main themes: 5G and the Internet of Things, smart working and data security, and lastly, blockchain and new business models.

The webinar was held in Italian and Portuguese, and over 230 Italian and Portuguese enterprises participated.