Last January 20th, it was held the webinar “Innovation in dairy products and emerging trends in dairy sector”, organized by the Pakistan Dairy Association, together with CremonaFiere and Unido.

Pakistan is the fourth largest milk producer worldwide and, for its complementarity with the Italian economy, it can offer important investment opportunities for the Italian companies, especially in light of the progressive improvement in security conditions.

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An Indian worker in a stable in the town of Pieve d’Olmi, in the province of Cremona

The topics on the table for the event of the Prof. Lorenzo Morelli, Professor of microbiology and Director of the Department of “Food Science and Technology for a Sustainable Agro-food Supply Chain” at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, promoted an exchange of knowledge on emerging global trends, new products and technological innovation within the sector.

To advance business and investment opportunities in Pakistan in the dairy and livestock sector, it was organized a virtual meeting between CremonaFiere, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and the Embassy of Pakistan in Italy, last January 28th. On this occasion, new technologies for implementing the production of milk and cheese in the Asiatic Country, as well as the conservation of breeds for breeding and solutions for the packaging and marketing of products were explored. Also, it was discussed about the organization of future events devoted to support female entrepreneurship and commercial relations between Italy and Pakistan.

Poster of the event with speakers

Besides, Italy is among the top ten exporting countries to Pakistan and fifth in Europe. Between 2014 and 2017, the Italian exports had a steady increase (421 million euros in 2014, 440.5 the following year, to exceed 620 in 2016 and 756 in 2017) with a balance that became in our favour starting from 2016 (for almost 160 million). Despite a slowdown in 2018, trade remains at high levels also in 2019.

After the Italian entrepreneurial presence in Pakistan in the energy sector (with ENI since 2000), in the mechanical-textile and footwear sector (with the activity of various associations present in the area), it is now the turn of the agri-food sector.

Despite the forecast of a negative export trend, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Director of CremonaFiere, Massimo De Bellis, explained that “we strongly believe in the potential and competitiveness of the Italian agro-zootechnical system on foreign markets. This is why we gladly joined the Pakistan Dairy Association initiative, a direct and concrete action that we plan to continue with new initiatives in the coming months”.