Representatives of the Italian Trade Agency office in Casablanca, Morocco, attended the ISSA PULIRE Forum in Milan, presenting the opportunities the country offers to the cleaning industry.

Forum ISSA PULIRE 2022
Forum ISSA PULIRE 2022

The sixth edition of Forum ISSA PULIRE took place at the Stella Polare Congress Center in Milan, Italy, on October 18-19.

Forum ISSA PULIRE was launched in 2012 to build a yearly get-together for the Italian cleaning industry to discuss the issues facing their sector.

The 2022 edition focused on occupational health and safety, integrated service management, and the value of memory. Under the conduction of Andrea Pancani, a journalist for Italian TV channel La7, several guests animated a two-day event full of ideas and discussions.

morocco italian trade agency

The program also included the presentation of a market survey that the Italian Trade Agency conducted on the cleaning sector in Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco.

Trade Analysts from the Italian Trade Agency offices in Algiers, Casablanca, and Cairo, Dr. Hakim Cheniti, Dr. Riham Abonelmagd, and Dr. Mohamed Sami Ben Jelloul, presented the market survey in an in-depth discussion that opened the ISSA PULIRE 2022 Forum.

Morocco Sami Ben Jelloul, trade analyst
Sami Ben Jelloul, trade analyst

The presentation represented an opportunity to take an in-depth look at these countries to assess their potential. How is the cleaning market structured in Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco? What are the main trends? Who are the key players? 

I had the pleasure of sharing with key Italian and foreign businesses the potential of the Moroccan market and the opportunities it can offer to the cleaning industry,” commented Mohamed Sami Ben Jelloul, a trade analyst at the Italian Trade Agency in Casablanca, Morocco. 

According to Eurostat, Italy was Morocco‘s second largest foreign supplier of machines for the cleaning industry in 2021, with 21.7% of the market. We can do more and better by sharing know-how, creating opportunities, and thinking about possible partnerships,” Mr. Ben Jelloul concluded.