The first meeting between Mayors and municipal leaders from Italy and from all over Libya will take place in Tunis from 25 to 28 January as part of the “Capacity Development of Libyan Central and Local Authorities for Improved Service Delivery” cooperation program. The initiative is financed and sponsored by the italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and carried out by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) together with the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), in close coordination with the libyan Ministry of Government local (MOLG) and the Central Commission for Municipal Elections (CCMCE).


The program aims to strengthen the administrative apparatus of 24 municipalities across Libya to improve the provision of basic services for all citizens, to foster dialogue and collaboration between Libyan and Italian administrations and local communities and to share the experience of ANCI association.

The event will be opened by the Ambassador of Italy in Tripoli, Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi, together with the president of the ANCI National Council, Enzo Bianco, the director of the AICS Regional Headquarters in Tunis, responsible for Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Algeria, Andrea Senatori , the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Rimini, Gloria Lisi, the councilor Francesca Benciolini of the Municipality of Padua and representatives of the Libyan MOLG.

The mayors of the Municipality of Parma, Federico Pizzarotti, and of the Municipality of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, will speak via video conference. The councilor Nicoletta Paci of the Municipality of Parma and the councilor Francesca Benciolini of the Municipality of Padua will participate in the subsequent round tables, which will focus on local governance issues.


The president of the National Council of ANCI, Enzo Bianco, in presenting the event recalls that “for some time the ANCI has intensified relations with the Libyan Mayors since 2015 and that personally I am happy to see the colleagues of the Libyan municipalities that already had the opportunity to meet, most recently in Seville in 2019 on the occasion of a specific panel dedicated by the ARLEM commission of the Committee of the Regions whose work I follow. Libyan mayors from the various geographical areas of Libya participate in the meeting with local Italian administrators and this is already a first important result”.

“Municipalities are the institution in which citizens recognize themselves most, the administrative front closest to them, they are places of aggregation and participation” and for this, underlines the Italian Ambassador in Tripoli Buccino, “the Italian cooperation , in close coordination with the Libyan Local Government Ministry, supports the commitment of municipalities across Libya to give important answers to citizens.

Amb. Giuseppe Buccino con il Min.
degli Esteri libico Siyala

With this initiative we want to promote the interaction of Libyan local administrations with the experience of Italian associations, which finds its highest expression in ANCI and in the more than eight thousand Italian municipalities it represents, the best showcase of our country abroad ” . This program, continues the Ambassador, “aims to be a moment of encounter, between local experiences with different needs, to foster fruitful collaboration that can help improve the provision of services to citizens throughout Libya”.

Andrea Senatori, head of the AICS Regional Headquarters in Tunis, stressed that “The Italian Cooperation attaches great importance to strengthening local governance in partner countries”. He continues, “The strengthening of good governance and democracy require direct support to national and local institutions, social networks and civil society organizations. In this perspective, the Italian Cooperation in Libya will continue to support humanitarian assistance interventions and at the same time stabilization actions in favor of municipalities and local authorities in a perspective of synergy and complementarity between humanitarian aid-development-peace “.

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This is the first seminar of a cycle of subsequent events that will take place during the year in Italy and Tunis, in which experts from ANCI and the municipalities of Bari, Padua, Livorno and Rimini will participate to explore specific issues together with Libyan officials of the local administration, such as the management of the registry files, the real estate assets and the municipal budget.

The initiative involves 24 Libyan municipalities distributed geographically across all regions of the country: Ajdabjia; Bani Walid; Beida; Benghazi; Brak Al Shate; Garabulli; Ghat and Tahala; Emsaed; Janzour; Khoms; Kufra; Maya; Measured; Murzuq; Qatrum; Ribiana; Sabrata; Sebha; Shawerif; Sorman; Tobruk; Zawya; Zintan; Zwara.