The Italian group MERMEC won a tender for the supply of trains for rail infrastructure diagnostics to the Belgian Railways.

MERMEC is an industry leader and innovator specializing in supplying integrated solutions for diagnostics, signaling, and asset management to railways and rapid transit systems worldwide.

The tender, issued by the Belgian Railways infrastructure manager Infrabel, is worth between 50 and 90 million euros, depending on the number of trains that will be required.

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Founded in 1988, MERMEC has its headquarters in Monopoli, a town in the southern Apulia region. The company, which boasts active customers in 37 countries, is part of the Angel Group, which also operates in the aerospace, digital mechatronics, and cybersecurity sectors.

MERMEC‘s offer includes high-tech trains capable of traveling at 200 km/h in a bimodal fashion, using an electrical drive powered by a pantograph, and up to 120 Km/hr using batteries. This puts them in line with the high environmental standards required by Infrabel.

Journalist Michelangelo Borrillo interviewed Vito Petrosa, president of the Angel Group. The interview appeared in the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera.

«“These trains are very green: they are equipped with a pantograph but can also be powered only by battery», says Mr. Petrosa.

Roger400, a diagnostic train produced by Mermec
Roger400, a diagnostic train produced by Mermec

«They are not just hybrid trains. They are equipped with regenerative braking systems and can recharge the batteries while going downhill. MERMEC was the first company worldwide to produce battery-powered diagnostic trains. But there are not many battery-powered passenger trains either in the market.».

«The additional peculiarity of these battery-powered trains — Mr. Pertosa concludes, — is that the technology is designed and developed by an Italian-owned company employing Italian engineers, and we are very proud of this».