Italian women abroad have decided, in the last year, to join together to team up or simply to feel less isolated due to the restrictions imposed to limit the contagion from Covid 19. Thus, the “pink networks” are born, networks of Italian entrepreneurs, active in various sectors, who have decided to share their life experiences and their professional initiatives carried out outside the Italian borders.

Italian women

The experiences of Italian women, born in the last year, are supported by the Committees of Italians Abroad (Comites), representative bodies – active in 105 consular districts – fundamental for the life of the communities, because they collect information and requests that they represent to consular offices and embassies for promoting initiatives of interest to the community.

It is in this context that the “pink networks”, the theme of one of the latest episodes of “Voices from the Farnesina” – the podcast produced by Maeci in collaboration with the Ansa agency – are placed.

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Elisabetta Ghisini, President of the Comites of San Francisco

Among the most important experiences of Italian women abroad is the creation of a “Pink Network” inspired by the President of the Comites of San Francisco, Elisabetta Ghisini, which aims to create a point of comparison and aggregation between women entrepreneurs of the Bay area, in California, but at the same time to propose a model that can also be followed in other contexts.

Launched last June 27, with the participation of about 60 people, the Network is an opportunity for networking and a forum for the exchange of experiences to strengthen the role of Italian women in society. “The network is an idea that I have had for some time because I believe that Italian professionals abroad face different problems than their male colleagues; our leadership style is different and I have always wondered what role the culture of origin plays in this style” explains Elisabetta Ghisini to “Voci dalla Farnesina”.

Mariangela Stagnitti
Mariangela Stagnitti, President of Comites of Brisbane

Another initiative of great importance is that proposed by the President of Comites of Brisbane, Mariangela Stagnitti, whose goal is to get the women of the Italian community out of the isolation imposed by Covid-19 and create a safe place to continue to confront each other. “My idea was born by chance, talking to other women about the problems that emerged during the lockdown, especially loneliness,” said Mariangela Stagnitti.

“So I decided to put together a series of videos with the many experiences that have been told to me by women who sometimes could not count on any support. This also allowed me to lend a hand in particular to the young women who were here in Australia and because of the pandemic they could not return to Italy, who may have lost their jobs and are now part of this network “concluded the President of Comites. from Brisbane, sharing his experience on the Maeci podcast.

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Marilena Rossi, President of Comites in Dortmund

The latest initiative to be included, on the other hand, concerns Italian women in Germany, promoted by the President of Comites in Dortmund, Marilena Rossi, which resulted in the publication of a text entitled “A scream will save us”. The volume collects 10 stories of Italian women during the pandemic, which take place in different environments, family, work, school and which constitute an encouragement and also a hope for people who have often had to face the epidemic in very difficult conditions, even from a psychological point of view, looking for solutions that could continue to guarantee social relations.

The Italian women in the book “tell how they managed to get better thanks to their voice and to have it out in a constructive way […]. Words are important, they can lay the foundations for targeted and constructive actions, the voice is a very powerful tool and using it to spread serenity, positivity and planning can be a small step to break down inequalities and walls of indifference “explained Marilena Rossi to the journalist Salvatore Russo in “Voices from the Farnesina”.

“We looked (at the pink networks) with great interest, because the role of women in Italian emigration, although fundamental in strengthening the Italian identity abroad, has never been historically valued; these initiatives instead look at women thinking about the contribution they can make in a modern society, in which they have assumed a modern role”, concluded Giovanni Maria De Vita, head of Office I of the Directorate General for Italians Abroad, in one of the latest episodes of “Voices from the Farnesina”.