The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Rabat has organized a film festival dedicated to Italian short films entitled “Short Meeting – À la cour du court״, available to the public from March 16 to April 14.

The initiative is curated by the film critic Carlo Gentile – Rai Cinema, National Union of Italian Film Critics -, with the participation of the film historian Caterina D’Amico and in collaboration with Rai Cinema, Rai International Relations and Community Affairs, Rai Doc, the Centro del Corto and the Casa del Cinema in Rome.

Italian Cultural Institute
Event “Short Meeting – À la cour du court״, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Rabat

The event, promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of Rabat, includes the presentation of 42 “Made in Italy” short films made in the last 2 years, winners of Festivals and David di Donatello, with live speeches by the directors and other guests related to the world of short films. Among the authors, big names such as Marco Bellocchio, Pasquale Scimeca, Gianni Amelio, Alessandro Grande and many others.

All presentations are simultaneously translated into French, while the videos are available on a platform of the Italian Cultural Institute in Rabat dedicated entirely to the Festival which can be accessed through a free registration.

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Short Film “Inverno” by Giulio Mastromauro (2020)

The Italian “school” of short films has a solid historical tradition of the highest quality, with big names and international awards. The “short stories” have a maximum duration of 30 minutes, minutes that contain worlds, emotions, short but long moments of life lived or dreamed, expressions of synthesis that try to transport us to parallel worlds.

The images and dialogues of the short films have, at times, a greater narrative force than other films: a perfect style to make known a bit of Italy in Morocco in a short time.


This type of initiative is not new to the Italian Cultural Institute in the Moroccan capital. In fact, in 2011, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy and in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the IIC, a film festival was organized that had seen the film “Sacco e Vanzetti” – awarded in Cannes in 1971 – at the center of the scene.

The film was preceded by the 2010 short film “Testimonies of emigration. Italian cinema”: an interview in which director Carlo Lizzani talks about the theme of Italian emigration, with references to important films of national cinema; his speech was accompanied by historical images and concluded by a brief testimony of the Italian famous musician Renzo Arbore.

In 2009, instead, the Italian Cultural Institute of Rabat organized, in collaboration with the ESAV of Marrakech – the Higher School of Visual Arts -, six days dedicated to Italian cinema with the screening of films and short films that trace the history of auteur cinema from the great classics to contemporary production, offering us different aspects of Italian cinematic dynamism and diversity.