The ports of La Spezia and Casablanca, in Morocco, have launched the first phase of the pilot project for the exchange of data between the two hubs with the aim of making the IT systems of their respective ports interoperable. This innovative cooperation action is part of the Felix European project which aims to create an international logistic corridor and which sees as protagonists the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, the Tarros and Circle groups.

The exchange of data and the integration of information flows will be possible thanks to the Internet of Things, also exploiting the Blockchain technology and the adoption of artificial intelligence systems.

la spezia porto
Porto di La Spezia

The movements of goods will be documented in real time thanks to antennas positioned at the gates, able to detect the RFID seals positioned on the containers of the Tarros and Circle groups with radio frequency. Through the Long Range reader, able to manage two antennas at the same time, it will be possible to immediately identify incoming or outgoing containers.

porto Casablanca
Porto di Casablanca

As part of this joint effort aimed at creating a logistics corridor that crosses the Mediterranean to unite the actors involved, the ports of La Spezia and Casablanca are working on customs digitization and the exchange of documents, to promote full interconnection between the IT platforms.