That of Imen Siar is the story of an extraordinary success. It is the story of a young singer and songwriter who, through her talent, succeeded in making her debut on the musical scene and managed to capture the attention of international artists.

Imen Siar
Imen Siar

Among them is Italian singer Tiziano Ferro, who recently announced on social media a collaboration with Imen. Ferro described the young singer as a revelation that will soon impose herself to the world’s attention.

Born in Italy to Moroccan parents, Imen Siar was raised in Milan and lived in Italy until she was 18, when she moved to London. In London, she started working at Nando’s. In the meantime, she kept chasing her dream: becoming a musician. She would often film herself singing into a mop during her work breaks and post the videos on social media.

Talking about her job at Nando’s, Imen Siar said: «That’s where it all happened. I don’t want to quit. I met both my management team and my husband at work. It is a place that helps me keep it real while I chase my dream».

Imen Siar at Britain's Got Talent
Imen Siar at Britain’s Got Talent

Thanks to these videos, she was discovered by the New York label icons + giants, launched by Billy Mann and Benton James, two influential hitmakers who discovered artists such as P!nk and John Legend. Assisted by icons+giants, Imen signed a recording contract with Ada/ Warner Music and began a collaboration with Tiziano Ferro.

Tiziano Ferro himself revealed the collaboration with Imen Siar on social media. He surprised her in a video call together with Mann and James. “We are reaching out to formally say we want to work with you” Mann told her.

«Imen is a  21 years-old girl with the wisdom of a woman. Her voice touched me from the first moment, her story and her sweetness bewitched me. It is truly a privilege to work with her. She is part of a watershed generation, fighting against prejudice and predictability. Imen is a talent, period. I am certain that the world will soon see it!» said Tiziano Ferro.

Imen Siars’s passion for music blossomed at an early age, then developing over the years and resulting in several musical projects. The event that made her popular was the participation in the 14th edition of Britain’s Got Talent.  She enchanted the judges with her voice and managed to get to the semifinals.

Tiziano Ferro
Tiziano Ferro

Imen’s artistic career reached a turning point in March 2022 with the release of her debut single “Lonely People”.

«I listened to it for the first time during the pandemic, when everyone was feeling lonely, and I liked it. I have this image in mind: me singing in front of an audience, making people realize that they are not the only ones who feel alone, especially right now» commented Imen.

The song was written by Jeff Franzel, John Amas and Shelly Poolee, produced by Isa Machine. The official video is directed by Josh Gallo. The song refers to Imen’s story.

imen siar

Lonely People was also translated into Italian and Arabic. For the Italian version, Imen collaborated with Tiziano Ferro in the translation from English to Italian, in order to preserve the meaning of the text.

Today Imen, while still working at Nando’s, is an international rising star and her story is an example of ambition and talent: «I’m going to come out with more singles and then an album, hopefully in early 2023. I want to sing in Italian, English and Arabic».