The 2022 edition of “ILfest – Italienisches Literaturfestival München”, the Italian book and literature festival in Munich, Germany, took place from July 1 to 3.

ILfest letteratura italiana

ILfest is organized by Elisabetta Cavani, owner of the Italian book shop ItalLIBRI, together with the Italian Cultural Institute in Munich and Pasinger Fabrik, under the patronage of the Consulate General of Italy in Munich.

This year’s edition of ILfest is dedicated to the concept of home. Home as a space protected from external threats, but also a space that is different from the workplace. Or, in an even broader sense, home as in “our planet”.

During the various events participants will discuss the home as a place where the individual identity is determined through contact with others. According to the organisers, in these strange times we are living through the sense of home as a place protected from external threats is gradually weakening.

Elisabetta Cavani, libraia italiana a Monaco
Elisabetta Cavani, owner of ItalLibri

The reassuring image of the traditional home – built to human scale, the fruit of an intense relationship with things, people, animals, plants, and connected with images and memories to which our happiness is linked – is undergoing radical change. For the new generations, for example, moving house is a constant in their lives.

Today the boundary between public and private seems to have been broken. Reflecting on the relationship between home and workplace also means rethinking the relationship between home and city.

But not only is the threshold between inside and outside no longer clear, even that between human and machine, human and animal is becoming indefinite, and produces many “strange things” with which we have to deal every day and which generate in us a sense of uncertainty.

Una passata edizione de ILfest
The 2019 edition of ILfest

Lastly, each of us lives in a “home” that never abandons us: our body is our most intimate space. A space that requires attention, respect and care, into which we withdraw to protect our own selves when our feelings of unease become too strong.

ILfest started with the opening of the exhibition “Una stanza per scrivere’’ (A room to write). The program also included he presentation of the book “Il treno dei bambini” and a screening of Alessandro Piva’s film, “Pasta nera”. On 2 July a talk by Luca Molinari about “Le case che siamo” was followed by an event dedicated to children. Finally, Sandra Petrignani held a presentation on “Case & cose”.

On 3 July four young poets discussed the poetry of our era, and several workshops for children took place throughout the day.