Two days ago, the international law firm Hogan Lovells announced the project Italy-Mexico through the webinar “Italy Mexico: cooperation for the growth”. The aim is to reinforce – thanks to the joint initiative of the Hogan Lovells offices in Italy and Mexico – the relationship with the Italian companies in Mexico and with the Mexican companies present in Italy and, more generally, in the countries of the European Union.

Hogan Lovells
Leah Dunlop, Partner of Hogan Lovells Italia

Leah Dunlop, Partner of Hogan Lovells Italia, said: “The goal of the Italy-Mexico Desk is to respond to all the different needs encountered in the legal field by those companies that have an interest in investing in the Italian and Mexican market, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of local and international legislation, of the business mind of both countries, as well as of the potential and challenges that await the various economic sectors “.

In this context, Hogan Lovells will develop synergies and collaborations with all institutions, associations and organizations committed to promoting economic relations between the two countries, carrying out numerous initiatives in the coming months to highlight the relevance of bilateral trade relations and the potential opportunities for foreign companies and investors in the different sectors of the two markets.

luigi de chiara
Luigi De Chiara, Ambassador of Italy in Mexico

Luigi De Chiara, Ambassador of Italy in Mexico commented the creation of the Desk saying that “Italy and Mexico are similar countries with particularly intense economic, commercial and investment relations. New EU-Mexico Agreement, NAFTA 2, financial incentives and industrial parks: there is great potential yet to be exploited. I am sure that the new Italy-Mexico Desk by Hogan Lovells will play an important role, alongside the institutions, to guide companies into new markets and further intensify bilateral economic relations.”

Carlos García de Alba, Ambassador of Mexico in Italy, explained that “Mexico and Italy have a solid, extensive, diversified and profound relationship. Today our countries have gone from simple mutual sympathy to being important partners and strategic allies.”

Mexico is one of Italy’s main South American partners and Italy is the thirteenth supplier and fifth largest foreign investor in Mexico. Commercial exchange, averaging $ 5 billion in recent years, is mainly based on industrial machinery, metal products and chemicals. Furthermore, the rise of the Mexican middle class has created increasing opportunities for typical Made in Italy products such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, food and beverages. From Mexico, Italy mainly imports electronic equipment, machinery and chemicals. Finally, there are many Italian companies present in Mexico, of which 350 with a branch or a production plant, while the presence of Mexican companies in Italy is still modest, but growing.

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