Golositalia was born from the idea of two young Sicilian guys who wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the classic Italian bar in Dubai, with a pastry shop on one side and a trattoria-style restaurant on the other, where it is possible to savor Italian delicacies baked daily or enjoy real Italian coffee. Since 2013, Golositalia is the reference point for Italians in Dubai who want to breathe the air of home.


Thanks to the passion and resourcefulness of its founder and pastry chef Sebastiano Maio, Golositalia has become an institution in the Emirates, both because it is possible to find a wide choice of strictly homemade products ranging from sweet to savory – focaccia, pizza, pastries and biscuits – and thanks to its fair prices. The location is cozy and allows customers to socialize and build relationships, between a lunch break and a coffee at the counter before starting the day.

Golositalia in just eight years has also managed to become one of the main catering service providers in the United Arab Emirates for events of all kinds, from corporate to wedding. In fact, the team is not only concerned with providing food, but also with choosing the most suitable locations and the right menu for any occasion, customizing it according to the taste of the guests and the time of day.

In short, at Golositalia it is possible to find the best Italian ingredients that make every dish stand out and whose quality is respected throughout the cooking and preparation process, guaranteeing customers freshness and taste at every bite.