The first part of the B20 Inception Meeting, the inaugural meeting of Business20 Italia 2021, the official dialogue forum between the G20 and the business community, was held yesterday in digital form. The meeting was organized by Confindustria, chosen by the Italian government to lead the work of this year’s B20. In fact, Italy will preside over the 2021 edition of the G20, picking up the baton from Saudi Arabia.

The task of the B20 is to propose policy recommendations on the issues indicated as priorities by the G20 presidency, with the aim of addressing the most urgent economic issues globally and stimulating development and economic growth. The recommendations will be developed by seven thematic Task Forces and an Action Council, chaired by key figures in the Italian business environment. The final document will then be presented at the G20 Summit to be held next November in Rome.

kerry biden
John Kerry and Joe Biden

The meeting was attended by special guests including John Kerry, the former Secretary of State of Barack Obama chosen by the new US President Joe Biden as special envoy for the climate, the Italian Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri, the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli and the European Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni.

Carlo Bonomi, President of Confindustria, opened the meeting, underlining how companies are ready to do their part to overcome the crisis. “Companies see solutions where others see only problems”, Bonomi said at the opening, emphasizing that “the time to act is now. We are starting to see encouraging results, but they are not enough ”.

Emma Marcegaglia

Emma Marcegaglia, appointed president of the B20, illustrated the priorities contained in the motto “Reshape the Future. Includes, Share, Act “: concrete actions to relaunch the economy in the name of inclusiveness, with the fight against climate change at the focus. An effort that will not be possible without a return to multilateralism, she remarked, expressing hope for a renewed American leadership.

Finally, Minister Roberto Gualtieri spoke of the importance of fiscal incentives at this stage, but hoped for greater attention to investments. “The challenge has just begun,” he said, listing the issues on which the Italian presidency will work, which include global access to healthcare and vaccines, investments in infrastructure and the digital economy and a fairer and more sustainable taxation system.