According to “101 World Steak“, the ranking of the best steak houses in the world, Florence is the Italian capital of steak. The Italian city features in the 2021 ranking with three restaurants.

steaks florence trattoria dall'oste

The first Italian restaurant in the “101 World Steak” ranking is Trattoria dall’Oste, which moved from the 42th to 27th place, advancing 15 positions.

At the top of the world ranking stands the Hawksmoor in London, followed by Parrilla Don Julio in Buenos Aires and the Firedoor in Sydney. Among the Italian steakhouses in the ranking the Braceria Bifulco di Napoli (29th place) and the Antica Macelleria Cecchini di Panzano in Chianti  (45th place) stand out.

The other Italian meat restaurants on the list include the Osteria di Nandone in Scarperia and San Piero (91st place) and the restaurant Asina Luna in Milan (100th place).

Trattoria dall’Oste is owned and run by Antonio and Massimo Belperio. It is currently the restaurant that serves the highest number of steaks in Italy (about 100 thousand steaks per year), and, despite the pandemic, it still employs at least 150 people.

«[Appearing in “101 world steak] is a goal that makes us proud» say Antonio Belperio and Carmine Bellino, the owner and the marketing manager of the Trattoria dall’Oste. «It pushes us to continue to focus on quality. We want to share this recognition with the city of Florence, Italy’s capital of steak, as well as with our suppliers, collaborators and customers».


The concept of Trattoria dall’Oste is inspired by international steak houses and its success has been achieved by opening up to a wide audience to spread the culture of meat, seeking a balance between large numbers and attention to detail.

«At the base of a good Florentine steak – they say at Trattoria dall’Oste – there is a key factor: the passion for quality meat, the curiosity that makes us search for ethical and sustainable farms and look for the most qualified suppliers and selectors. We see it as a cultural investment».

The goal achieved by Trattoria dall’Oste is in fact the result of an accurate selection of suppliers, the cooperation with professionals in the sector, accompanied by a careful research of raw material and a team dedicated to “scouting” of the best breeds and breeders, both Italian and international.

Together with Chianina, Marchigiana or Romagnola, the menu includes Black Angus, the most valuable Serbian or Spanish breeds (including the Rubia gallega), Italian Wagyü (produced by a single company, the Ca’ Negra of Venice) and Japanese Kobe, including the rare Miyazaki quality.

The menu includes at least 12 different breeds, all coming from ethical and sustainable farms. The meet is certified by the Italian consortium for the protection of the white calf of the central Apennines.


«We believe that quality is a value. This is why we have devised a sort of steak menu along the lines of international steakhouses, indicating certified meats from different countries».

The Bistecca alla Fiorentina is therefore not a simple product, but is also expression of the cultural heritage of a territory, which, as Trattoria dall’Oste demonstrates, is one of the protagonists of Italian enogastronomic tradition.