Italian agricultural exports to Qatar increased by 9.2% in 2020. According to data provided by the Italian Embassy in Doha, 11 million euros were reached in the first quarter of 2020.

The Italian Ambassador to Qatar, Alessandro Prunas, explained to Gulf Times that Italy’s sustainable agricultural system could contribute to Qatar’s goal of achieving food security.

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In 2019 Coldiretti – the largest association of representation and assistance for Italian agriculture – signed a partnership with the Lulu hypermarket chain, a source of new export channels for the Italian agri-food chain in the Middle East and the Gulf countries.

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In Qatar, the commercial agreement provides for the opening of permanent corners dedicated to 100% Italian food products at 10 points of sale, as a guarantee of Made in Italy. But Coldiretti’s role is also to promote the Mediterranean diet and the Italian model of health, while protecting consumers.

In the tragic context in which many countries find themselves due to Covid-19, Coldiretti has launched the “Spesa Sospesa”, a donation campaign in favor of the most needy. Farmers’ Markets have donated over 450,000 kg of food through the work of volunteers from 10,000 local institutions and 200 charities.

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“The Coldiretti campaign highlights the solid foundations of Made in Italy not only in terms of quality, but also of business ethics. This approach has also proved successful in the partnership between Coldiretti and the LuLu chain in Qatar. The parties are working to do successful business together, pursuing the common goal of making high quality food products available at a very competitive and affordable price to meet consumer demand for healthier products, “said Ambassador Prunas.