INDiplomacy attended the presentation of the new foulard collection by Erla, created in collaboration with the photographer Roberto Polillo. 

By Khalida El Khatir

Among the fashion collections presented during the Milan Fashion Week, the new “Morocco Foulard Collection”, created by photographer Roberto Polillo and fashion designer Erla Gazine, certainly stood out. 

Fashion designer Erla Gazine
Fashion designer Erla Gazine

The collection includes five silk scarves that portray some of Polillo’s pictures dedicated to Morocco. The dominant colors in each foulard recall some of the most important cities of Morocco. As Polillo explained, red symbolizes the Souk and the carpets of Marrakesh, while yellow recalls the fabrics exhibited in the markets of Essauira. Erla’s foulards keep intact the atmosphere that Polillo was able to capture with his camera while walking around the streets of Morocco. 

INDiplomacy had the opportunity to attend the presentation of this new collection during the Milan Fashion Week, which ended on September 27. 

The presentation took place in a temporary shop set up by Erla in Milan for the fashion week. Once inside, the first thing we noticed was the blaze of colors that enveloped not only the scarves but also the shoes and fragrances that Erla Gazine created for the brand that takes her name. During the evening, we asked Erla a few questions. 

We first asked her how the Erla brand was created. “Erla was born out of an extraordinary desire to get involved and unleash my creativity. In my heart I always thought that the fashion world needed my eclectic, joyful and original point of view. The brand first launched a limited-edition shoe collection and today, in addition to shoes, we are creating different collections of exclusive accessories and starting to focus on interior design.” 

Erla - Shoes

Erla Gazine was born in Mozambique and now lives in Milan. She is a charismatic woman with an international mindset who was able to transform her African origins into the main inspiration for her accessories for women

It is interesting to see how much Erla’s culturally different background influenced her brand and her collections, as the designer explains: “being a citizen of the world strongly influences my creations.  I travel a lot, not as a tourist but always trying to integrate into the societies and mingle with the peoples who welcome me so that I can get to know their essence. In every item of my collections there is a detail that refers to places where I found the energy that I still bring with me”. 

The encounter with Roberto Polillo allowed the creativity of both to be transformed into something that women can wear. It comes natural to us to ask Erla what prompted her to choose the photographs that Roberto Polillo dedicated to Morocco for her Foulard Collection. 

Erla's temporary shop at the Milan Fashion Week
Erla’s temporary shop at the Milan Fashion Week

Besides being a great photographer, Roberto is also a dear friend of mine. Our friendship led us to create the collection. When I saw the photos for the first time, I was enchanted by the colors and atmospheres that they convey. It was natural to think of further embellishing the silk with images so full of color and positive energy. That is the positive energy that I would like to transmit to those who wear my foulards.” 

The Erla brand presents itself as a luxury brand in the Made in Italy panorama. Multicultural experiences such as those that unite many fashion designers and artists of foreign origin could transform the Made in Italy brand, bringing more international colors and tastes to the world of Italian fashion. 

We therefore ask Erla if she thinks that one day Italy will become as cosmopolitan as places like Paris or New York: “My collections are inherently cosmopolitan but they also draw from the know-how of Italian craftsmanship. Distances are reducing and fashion is looking more and more at the global market. I have always tried to create my collections without following trends too much but trying to communicate my idea of a modern woman“.