After Saipem’s commitment, on Monday 19 April Eni also signed a partnership agreement with the General Commissioner of Italy for Expo 2020 Dubai for participation in the Universal Exposition as a “Platinum Sponsor”. All eyes will be on a lighting installation that will tell the company’s decarbonisation strategy.


Through a cascade of lianas up to 20 meters long, thanks to the LED lighting of Eni, the architecture and innovation studio CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and Italo Rota, has recreated in an artistic key a cultivation of microalgae, giving life to a spectacular presentation of the biological process of growth of these unicellular organisms in the photobioreactor – optimal culture systems for the growth of photosynthetic microorganisms –, where the microalgae, feeding on CO2, produce high value compounds, and more.

Eni, therefore, as Platinum Sponsor of the Italian Pavilion, has decided to engage in the energy transition by focusing on technological innovation to find new solutions for the production of energy with the lowest carbon impact. In fact, Eni’s decarbonisation strategy envisages the development of new technologies which, together with those in the field of renewable energy and the circular economy, will be presented in the Eni space at Expo 2020 with a dedicated video schedule. The company will also participate in events and talks throughout the exhibition semester.

italyexpo2020 eni foto 2
Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

In addition to reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, Eni’s technological strategy in the path towards decarbonisation includes a resilient portfolio of hydrocarbons in which gas plays a central role and the development of green business. In this context, the challenge is not only on technologies, but also and especially on their implementation and to reduce the risks associated with the timing of technological development, Eni’s research is focusing not only on the growth of internal skills, but also on collaboration with over 70 Universities and Research Centers around the world.

Eni’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai will therefore be a way to showcase Italian expertise in the technological field and strengthen international alliances.