The Egyptian Museum of Turin (Museo Egizio di Torino), the second biggest one after Cairo Museum, does not stop despite the limitations due to the pandemic. While preparations are underway for the construction of the new headquarters, international initiatives continue in collaboration with other museums through the display of external exhibitions in Brazil and in some European countries. In fact, the exhibition hosted in San Paolo “Egito Antigo. Do cotidiano à eternidade” has just ended, enjoying great success. Over 200 thousand visitors and 465 thousand users who were able to visit the exhibition online thanks to the virtual tour.


A second international event, promoted by the Egyptian Museum, took place in Helsinki at the Amos Rex museum and in Tallinn at the Kumu Art Museum with the exhibition of the “Egypt’s Glory” exhibition, which will reopen on January 18.

“The commitment that the Museum makes to make its collection available and make it known is greater than ever, with a rich offer of innovative and always new contents. In this context, traveling exhibitions represent a very important tool for us” explains Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum.

“Even if the door in via Accademia delle Scienze is temporarily closed – adds Evelina Christillin, president of the Egyptian Museum – the Museum never stops. The challenges we are facing are many and complex, but the path of internationalization and diffusion of Egyptian culture that we have been conducting for years continues, thanks also to full harmony with our local partners, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Turin Superintendency “.

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