CEPI, the Oslo-based Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, announced a partnership with five clinical sample analysis laboratories to create a global network to reliably assess and compare immunological responses generated by candidate vaccines against COVID-19.
Among the laboratories selected for this vaccine evaluation network there is also the italian VisMederi S.r.l., based in Siena.

vismederi italian laboratory

The network will use the same test reagents and follow common protocols to measure the immunogenicity of multiple candidate COVID-19 vaccines. This will ensure consistency in the evaluation and identification of the most promising vaccine candidates.

VisMederi is a research and services company with global resources and expertise that deals with the development and optimization of drugs and vaccines.


Founded in 2009, VisMederi is based in Siena, where it conducts and perfects serological tests to evaluate the immunogenicity of vaccines, creates and validates bio-analytical methods and experimental protocols for the release of therapeutic molecules. It mainly deals with vaccines in development, carrying out quality and control activities even during the intermediate stages of vaccine production.