An opportunity for discussion on technological innovation in agriculture, looking together at the new frontiers of hydroponic cultivation: with this goal, the Embassy of Israel in Italy, Confagricoltura and the Israel Export Institute organized a meeting to explore the development of new techniques for hydroponic cultivation by Israeli scholars and companies such as Tap, Vertical Field, Growponics, Agam and Mapal.

Un esempio di idrocultura

The partnership between the Embassy of Israel and Confagricoltura is the result of more than ten years of collaboration. A Collaboration that was strengthened in 2018 thanks to a memorandum of understanding aimed at promoting an exchange of know-how and knowledge through targeted events and activities, bringing together research and entrepreneurial activity in agriculture in the name of scientific research and technological innovation . This also with a view to supporting the internationalization of Italian companies and the promotion of Made in Italy in the world.

As stated on the Confagricoltura website, “Israel is a leader in soilless cultivation and micro-irrigation. Its researchers presented to Confagricoltura companies the latest high-tech innovations for hydroponics, vertical agriculture, geoponics, aeroponics, innovative greenhouses, dehumidification and organic fertilization solutions.

The primary objective is to produce more with fewer natural resources, such as land and water, through solutions that promote the achievement of the European objectives of the Green New Deal and face the consequences of climate change.

Massimiliano Giansanti

The president of Confagricoltura Massimiliano Giansanti took the opportunity to underline the importance of the consolidated relationship with the Israeli Embassy, born from the desire of Italian producers to innovate and be protagonists of an increasingly necessary change in an era in which every activity production must deal with its own impact on the environment in which it is inserted. The advanced know-how acquired by the Israelis, who have always been forced to deal with an environment poor in natural resources, represents a potential tool in this regard.

For the Israelis, on the other hand, “The meeting constitutes an extremely important opportunity to present the technologies developed in Israel to cope with water shortages, and to show how they can be applied in response to Italian needs”, as stated by the Minister of Economic and Scientific Affairs of the Embassy, Raphael Singer.

Una coltivazione in zona desertica

Collaboration with Italy is seen as strategic by Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs: the diversification, flexibility and extension of the industrial system make Italy a very valuable partner in the industrialization and marketing phases of products and technologies. In general, Italy is an important trading partner for Israel, of which it is the fifth supplier and fourteenth customer, with a trade exchange that amounted to 3.3 billion euros in 2019.