In Calabria yesterday, June 29, “Italy Muslim Friendly” was presented, the experimental incoming project for Muslim tourism and the export of agri-food products to Arab markets. The initiative took place in the “Jole Santelli” Citadel of Catanzaro and was chaired by the Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Gianluca Gallo, in the presence of agricultural associations, local action groups (Gal) and Calabrian agricultural consortia.

Press conference by Gianluca Gallo, regional councilor for agriculture, and Fausto Orsomarso, regional councilor for internationalization for the “Italy Muslim Friendly” project

“Italy Muslim Friendly” is a scientific research path on the internationalization of Calabrian companies in the Arab-Muslim markets: a collaboration path that includes study and research activities, training, internships for young Calabrian graduates and support to the many Calabrian companies that have the need to internationalize and interact with international markets. The goal is a strategic study for companies active in Calabria in the agri-food and tourism sector.

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Launch of “Italy Muslim Friendly” project, June 29, Calabria

“We are beginning to take the first steps – said Councilor Gallo – also on internationalization actions. We looked around, after having insisted a lot on the domestic market, to verify the possibilities for our products, especially quality ones, to also have other reference markets, such as the Middle East and all those countries that are in great development “.

peppino de rose
Peppino De Rose, expert in European policies and university professor in tourism business and international markets, collaborator of “Italy Muslim Friendly” project

The incidence of Calabria on national exports, before the pandemic, was only 0.1%. “[…] We need to have a different approach on the international market. […] With this project we aim to help companies in the study of global markets and to raise their skills, because going to foreign markets cannot be the result of improvisation “explained professor Peppino De Rose, expert in European policies and professor university in tourism business and international markets, which collaborates in the project and present at the launch of the initiative.

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Bruno Calvetta, general secretary of the Chambers of Commerce of Catanzaro and Vibo Valentia

In Arab-Muslim countries there are specific protocols, sometimes rigid, to which it is necessary to adapt, so the involvement of the Gal, who know the territories and companies of Calabria, is fundamental: collaborating is necessary for a path of development and growth. “The Chambers of Commerce have the mission of standing alongside companies, so that they can grow. And I am here to reiterate that the chambers of Vibo and Catanzaro will be at the side of this research and training project “said, in a speech at the event, Bruno Calvetta, general secretary of the Chambers of Commerce of Catanzaro and Vibo Valentia.