The Italian Cultural Institute in Bratislava will inaugurate on January 25th the new cycle of online conferences, dedicated to great modern and contemporary Italian artists, curated by the artist Gian Luca Bianco.
The first event, focused on Giorgio De Chirico, compares the point of view of an artist of today with the history of a modern one of the last century.

“What is needed in particular is a great sensitivity: to consider everything in the world as an enigma … To live as in an immense museum of strange things”. This is how Giorgio De Chirico expressed himself, who created paintings of squares populated by ghostly figures and shadows, combining deliberately distorted perspectives and inclined planes. These claustrophobic dream landscapes, with their atmosphere of melancholy and ominous menace, fascinated the French avant-garde of the 10s of the 20th century while later inspired the Surrealists and other movements.

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In addition to the art sector, De Chirico’s influence can be seen in many aspects of the modern world, in the films of the director Michelangelo Antonioni, in the shots of many photographers, in fashion and even in the Ico video game for the Playstation 2. While the novelist Sir VS Naipaul has borrowed the title of one of his paintings, The Enigma of Arrival, for one of his books.

The February events will instead be dedicated to Lucio Fontana and Maurizio Cattelan.

The conference on De Chirico il program next 25 January – in Italian with Slovak subtitles – will be broadcast at 8 pm on the Youtube and Facebook channels of the IIC in Bratislava.

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