The Italian Region of Lombardia (Lombardy) and the State of Victoria, Australia, recently signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic collaboration. 

Governor Linda Dessau with President Attilio Fontana
Governor Linda Dessau with President Attilio Fontana

On October 3, the President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, and the Governor of the State of Victoria, Linda Dessau, jointly signed the agreement in Milan. Undersecretary Delegate for International Relations, Gabriele Barucco, also attended the singing ceremony.

The protocol aims to give strategic depth to collaboration on sustainable economic recovery and growthwaste management and circular economyagriculture and food industriesdefense and aerospace, cultural and creative industries, sports, vocational training, and higher technological education. 

The signing came after an intense activity to strengthen institutional, economic, and trade relations between the Lombardy Region and the State of Victoria promoted and supported by the Embassy of Italy in Canberra, Australia, and the Consulate General of Italy in Melbourne.

La firma dell’accordo tra Victoria (Australia) e Regione Lombardia

The document “recognizing the importance that the Parties attach to the promotion of dialogue and collaboration as key to strengthening sustainable growth and competitiveness and sharing a common interest in strengthening institutional relations – based on the outcomes of the institutional mission of Regione Lombardia carried out in Australia in September 2019 – intends to encourage meetings and mutual knowledge exchange between entities, companies, and associations active in the areas of mutual interest.”

Our goal,” said President Fontana, “is to promote institutional, policy, and project initiatives by encouraging knowledge, best practices, and information exchanges in issues of mutual interest, starting with innovation, growth, and economic recovery.”

The manufacturing sector, the circular economy, technological innovation, but also design and the creative industry,” stressed Governor Dessau, “are the areas in which we know we will be able to engage in close cooperation. The signed agreement is an important first step that opens up to an extended and strong partnership from which great opportunities for the economic development of the State of Victoria and Lombardy can certainly arise.” 

Australia, la firma dell'accordo tra Stato di Victoria e Regione Lombardia

In agreement with President Dessau, we will do everything in our power to offer Lombardy and Australia’s businesses investment opportunities and to promote mutual participation in events, also promoting the sharing of platforms through transferring respective knowledge,” commented Undersecretary Barucco.

The Partnership between the Lombardy Region and the State of Victoria starts from the well-established twinning between Milan and Melbourne, whose 20th anniversary will fall in 2024.