The 10th Italy – Latin America and the Caribbean Conference was held in Rome on October 26. The Conference was attended by Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, Deputy Foreign Minister Marina Sereni and Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as representatives of Latin-American international organizations. 

Foreign minister Di Maio and deputy minister Sereni at the 10th Italy - Latin America and the Caribbean Conference
Foreign minister Di Maio and deputy minister Sereni at the 10th Italy – Latin America and the Caribbean Conference

According to a press note released by the Italian ministry of foreign affairs, the conference represents is an occasion for strengthening Italy’s relations with an area of strategic interest for the country, in consideration of the deep historical, social, political and economic bonds, the cultural affinities and common values that exist between them. This year the Conference coincides with the period of Italian Presidency of the G20, providing an important stage for the promotion of inclusive policies focused on people, environmental safeguards and sustainable economic growth. Hence the title chosen for this year’s edition of the conference: “People, Planet, Prosperity. The future of an age-old partnership”. 

The Conference was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in close collaboration with IILA, the Italian-Latin American Institute, an international organization that since 1966 brings together Italy and the countries of the region, promoting mutual relations in a broad and growing spectrum of cooperation. 

Before the conference, on October 25, a special event was held presenting the outcomes of the Falcone – Borsellino Project of international technical assistance in the sector of the rule of law and combating corruption and transnational organized crime.  The event was attended by Mr. Di Maio and Ms. Sereni, alongside with the Minister for the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, the Justice Minister, Marta Cartabia, as well as ministers and law enforcement officials from Latin American countries.  

The initiative, with the support of IILA, takes account of the particularities of the Latin American continent and Caribbean countries, demonstrating the relevance of Italy’s knowledge-building capacity in the field. The methods developed by Italian institutions in the fight against organized crime, thanks to the work of people such as judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, are seen today as best practices on the global level. 

Through the 10th edition of the conference, Italy aimed at strengthening its position as a crucial partner for South American countries in Europe.  Also, this year the conference took place at a time of Italy’s leading role on the international scene, as President of the G20 and partner of the United Kingdom for COP26. 

Decima conferenza Italia-America Latina e Caraibi, organizzata da IILA e Farnesina con la partecipazione di Marina Sereni e Luigi Di Maio
10th Italy – Latin America and the Caribbean Conference

After two complicate years, “the Conference was an opportunity to build a much-needed post-pandemic strategic alliance, to further strengthen relations with the countries of the subcontinent and to deepen the themes and priorities of the Italian G20 Presidency”. According to deputy minister Marina Sereni, who represents the Italian government within IILA, “social cohesion must be our main goal“.

The pandemic was a wake-up call for the entire international community, because we are unfortunately still far from the goals of peace, equity and prosperity set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development“, said Ms. Sereni. “We cannot go back to the past. We must act, together, to bring about change and to rebuild better“.