The Luiss “Guido Carli” University represents one of Italy’s most attractive universities abroad. INDiplomacy interviewed some international students enrolled at Luiss University, to learn more about their life and study experience in Italy.

Fernando Gimo Simango, studend at Luiss University
Fernando Gimo Simango, studend at Luiss University

The first interview is with Fernando Gimo Simango, a student from Mozambique. Fernando is currently completing the bachelor’s degree program in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Why did you choose Italy and Luiss for your studies?

I chose Luiss and Italy because of the study program itself. I wanted to study economics and at the same time I wanted to study how politics influences our societies and how we can resolve issues of social justice, and the program I am undertaking now, PPE, which means Politics, Philosophy and Economics, will provide me with these particular understanding and insights. For this reason, I chose Luiss, to study this particular program at this university, in this country.

Also, I wanted to meet new people, the Italian community as a whole…I wanted to know a diversity of cultures and Luiss was the perfect place to do that. As you might know, Luiss is an international environment, an international university. If you come here to Luiss, you will not be disappointed. You will meet people from Africa, Asia, America, and Europe.

How was it moving to Rome?

Ok, that’s a good question, because I had to leave my family and relatives in general, including my friends, to come here to Italy. Well, I had to face a lot of challenges as an international student, because it was my first time here in Italy, in Rome specifically. I had to face cultural barriers, the cuisine…I didn’t know I had to eat pasta every day… now I know I have to eat pasta every day, and also pizza, which is good, it’s not bad, it’ very good.

And I also I had to face the challenge of the Italian language. It was a challenge in a positive way, not in a negative way, because I had to learn a new language, which I was able to learn in a few weeks, I would say, [at least] the basics, not at a fluent level.

Luiss University Ferndando Gimo Simango

Was it easy to fit in when you first arrived in Italy? Did you feel welcomed?

When I first arrived here in Italy back in 2019, I felt welcomed, and the University helped me with my accommodation, and the educational system in Italy, [to understand] how it works, and so on, and with the residence permit, which is very important if you are an international student, how it works and how you should proceed with that. I really felt welcomed here, in the University, and I didn’t find any particular challenge apart from the Italian language, which I had to learn. But you shouldn’t worry because a small portion of Italians do speak English.

What are your goals for the future? Will you remain in Italy after you graduate?

That’s a good question, because I am now in the final year of my bachelor’s degree program. My first short-term goal is to continue with my postgraduate studies, hopefully a master and a PhD program. My second short-term goal is to work with the UN. I really want to become a diplomat and work in that organization. And my long-term goal is to open an NGO to help vulnerable people, and I hope I can achieve this goal in the long run.

Do you think that studying at Luiss will make a difference in your future career, and why?

Luiss University Fernando Gimo Simango

Absolutely yes. I wouldn’t say it will make a difference in my future career: it is [already] making a difference, right now. For example, there is a lot of opportunities as a Luiss student, for example internships, which have paved the way for me to see and meet many employers.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for a student who is planning to apply at Luiss?

Well, if you are an international student planning to study here at Luiss University, I would advise you to prepare your application in advance and make it unique, so that the admission committee can be convinced and admit you.

Ciao Luiss!